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“Pleasure is the point. Feeling good is not frivolous,

it is freedom.”

― Adrienne Maree Brown

Meet The Farmer


Eva Dickerson is very ambitious. Sometimes, it gets her in trouble. Most of the time it helps her get closer to the world she and her friends are dreaming of. She calls Atlanta her forever home, where she and her comrades + chosen family grow food and babies, ride bikes, and practice what life after revolution could look like. She also really likes sleeping. When she is not sleeping, she is helping atlanta move toward a more self determined food system, coordinating community rides, making cool films, or imagining a greener freer world. Eva sees her role within movement and her community as that of a Constellation Architect, a concept she basically fell into and which describes the ways that she and all the starseed she is surrounded by work towards their individual and collective brilliance. She is the proud founder of Passionfruit Farm, a world where people are deeper connected to eachother, our planet, and our collective pleasure. Most of the time, she really is just sleeping though.  

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liberated gardens 2.jpg

Passion Fruit Picnics

hello starseed, and welcome back to your pleasure! At passion fruit farms, we enjoy curating juicy, sweet, delicious moments for the people we in Atlanta. it gives us lots of pleasure to bring spaces of softness and light to the people around us, especially during the upheaval we're experiencing.

Liberated Gardens ATL

Liberated Gardens ATL is our plan to transition the Thomasville Heights Elementary School Farm to a mutual aid model that will hold us accountable to inviting our whole community to abolishing food apartheid in our neighborhood.

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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style"

-Maya Angelou

it's june. you're on a beach, or sitting on the shore of the lake, or you're hammocking in the jungle. out of your pack, you pull a ripe papapya/mango/dragonfruit and sink your teeth in almost straight to the core. that first drop of nectar that drips down the side of your brown face is the essence of Passionfruit Farms. we believe caring for our planet and caring for each other should be as juicy/honeyed/sweet/fresh as bite of summer pineapple. our offerings to Atlanta and people around the world center on making pleasure the foundation upon which we build infrastructure for dreaming with each other. 

At it's core, Passionfruit Farms is an imagination scape; space for our beloveds to practice the rituals, dreaming, ceremonies, ideas, and projects that would allow an atlanta, a world, like the one described above to exist.

We curate spaces that allow us to practice the joy, sincerity, emotionality, a and pleasure we believe is necessary to steward a new, more compassionate world 


Although we're not a physical farm, our space is stewarded by and centers people who believe our journey towards abolition, evolution, and transformation is guided by sweet communion with each other and the earth. (and you'll likely find some earth honoring at many of our offerings). 


Come starseed, come help us dream-grow tomorrow.