Liberated Gardens ATL is our plan to transition the Thomasville Heights Elementary School Farm to a mutual aid model that will hold us accountable to inviting our whole community to abolishing food apartheid in our neighborhood. Since June 2018, we have created 2,000 square feet of vegetable beds on an old sports field. Students have grown more than 1000 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables. We will expand on the educational element of the farm by reinvigorating currently abandoned garden boxes around the school, and allowing parents of our students to come use them to grow food of their choice; thus creating an ecosystem of family growers. This alternative to the typical community garden model positions parents in our community as active agents in their own food system. In exchange for garden space, mentorship, seeds, and supplies, we are expecting that each of the families participating will support us in installing a garden box for another family in our community -thus enriching the local food ecosystem by building a culture and practice of mutual aid and compassion among families and empowering people to practice self-determination in how they nurture themselves.