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Visually and symbolically, “Sankofa” is expressed as a mythic bird that flies forward while looking backward with an egg (symbolizing the future) in its mouth.
This Black Historic Futures Month, come gather with us to celebrate the city we love by honoring and uplifting the young people who are on their way to becoming future ancestors. 
Gather in an intimate setting with artists, activists, community builders and more who are using atlanta's metaphysical past, to build us a wavy fucking future. 
Passionfruit Farm Presents: lookback//goforward
Mon Feb 1, 2020 
meet featured guests
Nina Lee is a cool ass Atlanta native who attended Spelman College and majored in Women Studies with a Film and Theater concentration. While at Spelman she created the college’s first student film festival, The Five Shorties. In more recent years she’s created, written, and starred in her own projects such as: The Girls Room and Sorry About That. She was also an editorial writer for Netflix’s Strong Black Lead for the past two years. Her latest project is a short film, Artistic; produced by Lena Waithe and starring Marshawn Lynch. Her goal is to keep making dope shit and having the funding and support to do so.
Michela Williams is the Co-founder of Black Too Earth. A non-profit organization focused on connecting the black community to black-owned farms through site visits and volunteer days. My path into the outdoors was paved for me long ago by my ancestors, but it was difficult to find. My introduction to the outdoors and recreation was through horror films and generational trauma passed down through warnings. Through an internship with Greening Youth Foundation and the Forest Service, I was able to face my fears, find my purpose, and realize the connection that I've always had with nature. Doing this work also led me to my soulmate, Tony Heard, who reminded and enlightened me about the true history of my ethnic background. He reminded me that I am an American Descendant of Slavery, educated me on what that means, and has continued to support me as I navigate the best ways to honor my background and uplift my community. Meeting Tony fueled me to be a better leader! Together we have been able to partner with over 12 Black Farmers in Atlanta and connect our community with local educators. 
Jaycina Almond is mom to a spirited soon-to-be 4 year old named Syx and founder of Tender - a nonprofit bridging the financial gap and providing a safety net for single mamas living on the margins in Atlanta. She can be found reading in the corner somewhere most days, will happily admit she has absolutely zero rhythm, and is a baby abolitionist. 
As a Black and Afro-latinx; visibly and loudly queer; chubby fupa-having; passionate leftist; generally hairy yet short-haired; agender yet woman-identifying artist, I create content for the marginalized. Through loud colors and even louder subject matters, my art focuses on the complex feelings and ordinary moments of the unheard. To folks like me, I hope you find a piece of yourself in my art. The works are by me, but the art is for us.
 I love designing and making anything that I want to. It's spiritual. I'm guided by discovering my own desires as someone who is ill-fit to survive in this sick ass dissociative culture. What does space look like for generative difference? I like feeling like there's room to grow. I like learning from what earth does and training myself to mimic it and let it direct what I'm making. The most revolutionary thing I make are bonds and connections with living things. Designing the spaces between myself and what surrounds me is surreal and I feel so lucky to make every relationship my studio, my creative space. 

More formally, I have a corporate background in financial technology, business management, and process optimization. I consult on different projects these days to co-design a freer world and optimize what you see when you open your computer. I'm completing my MFA in Transdisciplinary Design and my thesis on queering economics is a suite of design principles, methods, and tools for something I call the "queerecoscene". 
Our Moderator: Chel xi uses their skills to bring a miscellany of healing practices to their home town Atlanta. popularly known by their IG name: chelxatl. The DJ and vibe curator wears many hats that center creating impeccable spaces for their community. In a commitment to building black queer infrastructure in southwest atlanta, they stewarded the legendary 510 -a Black queer housing collective, art house, and event space for other young black people to incubate their offerings. Chel Xi hones in on their healing powers as a community yoga teacher, offering accessible and culturally relevant yoga and meditation at Charis Bookstore and other spaces across the city. While doing all of this, Chel Xi continues to be someone community can rely on to bring a special ambience to spaces and has DJ’d /organized for the West End Farmer’s Market, bEarthday fest, URGE, Care in Action, the National Domestic Workers Alliance,  Gangstas to Growers, Collective Care, For Keeps bookstore, WRFG 89.3, RBG-ATL, SnapCo and many, many other community based events and projects.
Chel xi has curated many events across Atlanta day and nightlife, ‘Intersection’ by Mainline Zine, ‘Communion’ hosted in the West End. They also founded Prism Atl- multi genre dance experience.